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Clothing & Accessories

As we are well into the New Year, it's time we showcased latest trendy fashion for women just for your pleasure. We cover everything from the street style scene, the lavish runways, and the best dressed A-listers, and unravel some emerging fashion trends, must-haves in 2018. Whether you want to hone in on your wardrobe or take more style risks, these are the trends to weave into your wardrobe.






Tops & Blouses

 We feature everything from dobby textured fabrics, pure cottons to cotton blends among others.






Women's Dresses

Women adore looking their best and nothing spells feminine than stylish, delicate women’s dresses.


Beauty Products

When it comes to skincare shopping there's a whole lot of noise out there that can make it tricky to separate the real magic from marketing. That's why we took the time to select with intricate care all the beauty products in our store; to separate the good from the chaff. Our team of beauticians swear by these products and they genuinely couldn't live without them. From face creams, serums and oils to cleansers, these are the holy-grail picks that we feature for your peace and pleasure.


T-Shirts for Women

Every woman needs a T-shirt in her wardrobe. Finding the best fit that will complement your body type and personal style can be tricky but not impossible. Our collections consists of not too sheer, not too tight, and no cap sleeves! Our T-shirts will flatter your body without dragging attention away from the rest of your outfit.


Women's Athletic Apparel

Our stylish women's athletic wear make a statement of casual comfort and practical design. With our collection of easy wear styles, every woman is sure to find the most convenient and casual designs that suit her individual needs. If versatility and quality is what you want in fitness apparel, then look no further.


Women's Bags & Handbags

Women’s bags & handbags are a major accessory that cannot be detached from women. They are an indispensable part of the day to day dealing with every woman as they are fashionable and functional. We feature casual bags, handbags, sling bags, backpack, storage bags, purses, makeup bag or purse, cross bags and wallets. They come in variety of sizes and colours. From brown, black, gold to cream and other variants of colours that women love.


Women's Jeans

Get inspired by our gallery of women’s jeans looks worn by the most stylish stars and models. We feature everything from dark-washed or cut off, dressed up or casual for your denim pleasure. Whether you are looking for your fav signature skinny style, boyfriend jeans or mom jeans, we’ve collected the best denim looks for you to shop.


Women's Swimwear

If you are a swimmer, a surfer or just a beach babe you must know how important the correct swimwear is. Our collection of women’s swimwear is of the latest trend: stylish, hip and fresh for the modern-day woman.  They come in different colours, graphic prints, cut-outs and variety of coverage.